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Due to the short flowering period of monkeys, the management of temperature and humidity is difficult. Please purchase after full understanding and avoid spending your time. Thank you.
Humidity management:
Monkey-faced orchids prefer a drier air environment that is too long for rainy days and is susceptible to infection by pathogens. Afraid of rain, keep the leaves dry at night. Optimum air relative humidity is 40 to 65%.
Temperature Management:
Monkey-faced orchids like a cool and cold climate, they are afraid of extreme heat, and they have difficulty in summer. When they do not tolerate frost, they will go to sleep when the temperature drops below 10 ¡ãC. The optimum growth temperature is 15-28¡ãC.
Lighting Management:
In the late autumn, winter, and early spring three seasons, monkey faceted orchids are given direct sunlight to facilitate photosynthesis, flower bud formation, flowering, and fruitfulness because the temperature is not high. If you experience hot weather or in the summer, you need to cover it by about 50% of the sun.
After flowering, keep it indoors for conservation purposes. Place it near the doors and windows in the southeast direction to extend flowering and increase flowering as much as possible.
Fertilizer management:
There are few requirements for fertilizers, fertilizers do not have high concentrations, a small amount of fertilization, repeated fertilization:
Spring and Autumn
These two seasons are its growing season. The management of fertilizers and waters follows the ¡°Flower Treasure¡±, ¡°Flower Treasure¡±, ¡°Clear Treasure¡±, ¡°Flower Treasure¡±, ¡°Flower Treasure¡±, and the sequence of clear water circulation (at least weekly To ensure two ¡°flowers¡±, the interval period is approximately: 1 to 4 days for outdoor maintenance, shorter intervals for clear days or periods of high temperatures, and longer or non-irrigation periods for rainy or cold periods; 2 for indoor maintenance For 6 days, the interval between sunny days or high temperatures is shorter, and the interval between rainy days and low temperatures is longer or not.
Summer season
It is a season of slow growth. It is necessary to properly control fertilizer and water control. The management of fertilizer and water is in accordance with the sequence of ¡°Huabao¡±¡ªShimizu¡ªShimizu¡ª¡°Huabao¡±¡ªShimizu¡ªShimizu. The interval period is approximately: 1 to 4 days for outdoor maintenance. The interval between sunny days or high temperatures is shorter. .
In winter, it is cultivated in a low-temperature greenhouse. After the morning frost in the spring, it is cultivated in an open field. When seeds mature, they are easily scattered and harvested in batches in due course. It is also possible to propagate the cuttings, cut the stems into the moist soil, and it is easy to take root. Since the stems are rooted at the nodes, the rooted stems can be planted separately. The cultivation site is best selected at the semi-shade position in the West, and at the same time, organic fertilizers are used to promote the seedlings to flourish. Plants can tolerate low temperatures of -20¡ãC. Seed propagation. Hi cold weather, more resistant to cold, but can not be frost damage, winter temperature 2 ¡ãC low temperature. Hi damp, hi light enough. Grows on loose, fertile, well-drained soil.

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